Raising a vaccine free child

door Wendy Lydall

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ISBN 9780646524177
Taal Engels
Auteur Wendy Lydall
Pagina's 330
Publicatie Datum 2012
Binding Hardback
Geprint in Nederland
Uitgever Emryss
This book provides parents with a comprehensive, scientifically based guide to the facts, myths, problems and solutions associated with raising a vaccine free child. It helps them protect their children both from the wiles of the vaccine industry and from harmful germs. It explains the difference between childhood diseases and the other infectious diseases, which is the key to understanding immunisation.

Raising a Vaccine Free Child provides an insight into the workings of the vaccine industry, and into the role of the media in perpetuating myths about vaccination and infectious diseases. Parents of vaccine free children are empowered to withstand the accusation that they are spoiling herd immunity, as there is a detailed chapter showing that herd immunity does not exist. This book also helps parents cope with aggression from individuals and with intimidation from the medical authorities.

A look at the history of vaccination reveals that it is an unscientific procedure that is based on falsehood, cruelty and supposition.
Since its inception in 1795 by Edward Jenner, vaccination has been an unscientific, commercially-based procedure, which is now aligned with powerful pharmaceutical interests. At the same time, infectious diseases pose a significant threat to the health and well-being of children in all strata of society.

Anti-vaccinationists make statements which contradict official pronouncements. Some activists make wild claims for alternative methods of disease prevention. How does a parent find a way through the maze of conflicting information?

Wendy Lydall presents a comprehensive, scientifically-based guide to the myths, facts, problems and solutions associated with raising a vaccine-free child.


Foreword by Dr. Mike Godfrey
Raising a vaccine free child