David Icke Guide to Global Conspiracy How to End it

door David Icke
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ISBN 9780953881086
Taal Engels
Auteur David Icke
Pagina's 620
Publicatie Datum 2007
Binding Paperback
Book Author(s) David Icke
The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy investigates and examines many subjects and aspects of the 'conspiracy' and 'connects the dots'. The picture that appears once you understand how it all fits together is astounding. This is the book that will wake up the masses and reveal at last in an undeniable way the incredible level of control a covert and evil controlling force has had over humanity for thousands of years. It shows how they manipulate your reality using advanced but hidden knowledge so you are little more that slaves who think you're free and are are doing exactly what you're covertly told to.
Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and How to End It)