I am Me, I am Free

door David Icke
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ISBN 9780952614753
Taal Engels
Auteur David Icke
Pagina's 212
Publicatie Datum 1996-11
Binding Paperback
David Icke shows how shallow and ridiculous are the fears, guilt's, resentments and limitations which blight the lives of humankind, and he offers the key to mental and emotional liberation.

Icke reveals staggering information about the almost unspeakable activities of world famous politicians and entertainers.

This devastating expose of the human condition and those who manipulate the human mind is a getaway car for the psyche.

It will make you laugh.
It will make you think
It will blow your mind

How would you describe this book?
Very simply.

In one word........FREEDOM.
I am Me, I am Free