Putin's Praetorians

The Top Kremlin Trolls Confess

door Phil Butler
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ISBN 9783981891904
Taal Engels
Pagina's 288
Binding Paperback
Book Author(s) Phil Butler

Putin's Praetorians contains the stories of some of the people involved in a unique movement to debunk those who would demonize Russia in general and Putin in particular. The "confessions" of those labeled as "Kremlin Trolls" reveal the psychology behind one of the most effective social crusading moments in history. The colorful personalities and passionate stories in the book also reveal a largely unspoken truth about Vladimir Putin - the real reasons why so many admire and support Russia's leader. The combination of contributions from some of the Internet's most famous and influential media stars, combined with stories from typical Internet aficionados blows holes in the foundations of Russiagate. For the sake of authenticity and credibility, the "confessions" featured in this volume are published unedited, as received from the contributors. "Today a war against freedom of the press is being waged by the self-described guardians of democracy. Too few grasp the danger of this war. The book of Phil Butler could open your eyes..." - F. William Engdahl, author, Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance "This book blows up the Russiagate conspiracy and debunks the whole idea that the internet revolution against the demonization of Russia is anything other than a spontaneous popular reaction against what is demonstrably a pack of lies." - Charles Bausman - Editor and Publisher of Russia Insider "Why does the Kremlin need trolls when Google, who everybody gives permission to track all of their internet activity, claims to know what you are going to do before you do? Do you really think anyone but an Intelligence agency would have built such a vehicle?" - Jim W. Dean - Managing Editor of Veterans Today