Understanding God

door Johan Oldenkamp

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ISBN 9789490765125
Taal Engels
Pagina's 212
Binding Paperback

Johan Oldenkamp is an all-round researcher, he integrated and upgraded religion and science into Wholly Science. This Wholly Science Handbook explains the basics of Wholly Science, aimed at restoring the overall wholeness, which is also the meaning of healing. Therefore, Wholly Science is the healing of religion and science, in order to guide humanity towards its own healing of consciousness.

Wholly Science is the timeless and universal science of the whole
of everything. Wholly Science integrates and upgrades all valid scientific theories, all genuine religious insights, and all working health
fostering approaches. Wholly Science, for instance, integrates the
hidden meaning of all ancient scriptures with all modern-day empirical findings. Wholly Science also combines knowing (from the mind)
with feeling (from the heart), the analytic left hemisphere with its
wholistic right counterpart, regular approaches with their alternatives, classic with modern, public with occult, West with East, physics with metaphysics, chemistry with alchemy, and astronomy with astrology. Wholly Science offers solid explanations to all phenomena, both natural and man-made. Wholly Science is grounded on just two basic rules:
1. The explanation with the broadest scope or the greatest applicability is the most Wholly.
2. The simplest explanation is the most scientifically (Science).

In this book, Oldenkamp shares the basics of his understanding of Wholly Science. Please realize that this is a hardcore science book. It requires careful study to understand the full depth of each aspect of Wholly Science. His advise to you, the reader, is therefore to take your time in order to make Wholly Science your own. By doing so, you will discover that Wholly Science enables us, to begin with, to understand God.