David Wilcock

Book Author Full Name: David Wilcock

Books by this Author

  1. The Source Field Investigations

    "Prepare yourself for a guided tour through the most incredible scientific mysteries of the world"More than two million people have seen David Wilcock's incredible tour of the 2012 prophecies in his Internet documentary, The 2012 Enigma., and his appearance on the History Channel show Ancient Aliens has been memorable. Now, he...
    € 19,95
  2. Reincarnation Of Edgar Cayce

    Wynn Free explores the remarkable parallels between the work of David Wilcock and the legendary Edgar Cayce while he builds a convincing case that the two men shared the same source of prophetic information and that Wilcock might indeed be Cayce's reincarnation. Compiling some of Wilcock's most inspirational and life-transforming...
    € 19,95

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