Philip Coppens

Book Author Full Name: Philip Coppens

Books by this Author

  1. De Paus van satan

    De negentiende-eeuwse auteur Joris-Karl Huysmans werkt eigenlijk voor de Franse geheime dienst. Huysmans infiltreert in het satanistische milieu van Parijs en komt erop het spoor van de paus van Satan. Deze oppersatanist, die de komst van de antichrist moet voorbereiden, blijkt niemand minder te zij ...
    € 22,50
  2. Land of the Gods

    Land of the Gods is the story of the ancient inhabitants of the Lothians and the Borders, whose accomplishments are visible in Cairnpapple, Traprain Law and other ancient monuments. They accentuated the region's unique volcanic landscape to make it reflect their mythology, which spoke of...
    € 17,50
  3. The Canopus Revelation

    The identification of the constellation Orion with the Egyptian god Osiris has become engrained in human consciousness, yet is one of the biggest misunderstandings dominating the understanding of Egyptian mythology. Rather than the constellation Orion, it is the star Canopus that is...
    € 16,50
  4. The Secret Vault

    Was Berenger Saunière, the priest at the centre of the enigma of Rennes-le-Château, controlled by a secret society? Yes is the answer, but which one? Freemasonry? The Rosicrucians? None of the above; the group was known as the A.A., said to be the successors of the Compagnie de St Sacrement, a 17th century secret society that was...
    € 14,95