Autism Reversal Toolbox

Author(s) Jerry M. Kantor
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Building on the work of Henny Heudens-Mast, Peter Fraser and Louis Klein, (Autism Reversal Toolbox) leads miasmatic theory into the age of auto-immunity.

In the most comprehensive book to date on the homeopathic treatment of autism, Jerry Kantor introduces a master plan, the Sine Wave Method, offering a diverse range of tools. The toolbox contains (and improves on) the strongest existing approaches plus an expanded arsenal of useful remedies. Clinically successful on a consistent basis, the Sine Wave method also commits to a mission: evolving increasingly potent strategies to understand, eliminate and prevent autism spectrum disorder.

Parents as well as professionals will gain a great deal from this book, as it includes dozens of interventions they can do at home (nutritional supplements, Qi Gong massage, grounding, interactive play) and advice on how to find a homeopath who can treat their autistic child.


The professional homeopath will learn:

- why our toxic environment makes it difficult to use classical homeopathy alone for the multifactorial condition of autism

- the most extensive available materia medica for autism, including foundational polychrests, Inspiring Homeopathy remedies, Lanthanides, gases, Gem Essences, Meditative Proving remedies, and Color and Sound remedies

- specific methods for handling aggravations, healing crises, and gut issues

- a new twist on the classic Never Well Since analysis: Farah Gron’s Environmental Never Well Since method to address environmental toxic insults

- use of the Unda numbers and gemmotherapy for detox and drainage.


The book also includes:

- eight detailed cases indicating how to change remedy or potency

- guidance on avoiding aggravations in the CEASE method (the reason parents tend to avoid this highly effective method)

- an understanding of autism based on Traditional Chinese Medicine

- an introduction to the Homotoxicology approach of Reckeweg

- insights into the brain biochemistry behind autism.



I have found Autism Reversal Toolbox by Jerry M. Kantor to be an invaluable resource for treating clients Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This comprehensive and modern multifaceted approach to the treatment of ASD sheds new light for all practitioners faced with an increasing population of children on the spectrum as well as complicated cases where just one constitutional homeopathic remedy is not effecting a cure.

One of the most valuable works delivered by Jerry M. Kantor includes a specific materia medica for Autism Spectrum Disorders. This comprehensive look at remedies with the focus on pregnancy and birth related issues, developmental delays, failure to thrive, gut support, solipsistic states, insularity, obsessiveness, muteness, hypersensitivity, electromagnetic field exposure, never well since vaccination, and childishness has proven essential for my practice when addressing clients on the spectrum. Thank you Jerry Kantor for your dedication and commitment in presenting such a gift to the homeopathic community!

Margo Cohen BSN, Chom
Classical Homeopath


I LOVE the book! I have it on my desk, and happily suggest it whenever a parent asks for a resource
on homeopathy and bioenergetics medicine.  I'm  equally delighted to see
that the scope has been broadened to include so many other therapies and
remedies -  including drainage remedies. I'm such a fan of them all.  

The book is broken down into easy to read chapters, and can truly
function as a helpful guide for the more savvy parent who wishes to learn
more about TCM, classical remedies or maisms. And it also serves as a
great introduction to the possible etiologies of these developmental
disorders; thus empowering the newbies out there on how to become better
consumers and advocates for their newly diagnosed child. I just
know that so many parents will benefit from your experience and insights.

Mary Coyle, DIHom, HHP, Founder, the Real Child Center

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